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CEO + Founder of Recovery is the New Black, bestselling author, certified alcohol and drug counselor, recovery coach, keynote speaker, and sober mom.



I Didn't Always Have This Business:

the clients, the books, the keynote speaking…

There was a time when no one wanted to hear anything I had to say—chances are, it would have been a lie anyway. Now, people fly me across the country to speak. My lowest point was messy, but it was within that mess that I discovered my magic.

How It All Started

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Sitting on the bathroom floor, bawling my eyes out, wondering how I let my undiagnosed postpartum depression and alcohol use disorder go undetected for so long.

I had worked so hard to build the life of my dreams, and once I was living it, all I wanted to do was escape.

That’s how this whole thing started.

I went from an ambitious professional living in the city to a deployed military wife, living in the suburbs with two small children while working two jobs in a maximum-security prison.

The more my physical and emotional health declined, the more I reached for an innocent glass of vino to relax after a stressful day. As a professional in recovery, I saw the warning signs and failed to address my increase in alcohol consumption. My shame was at an all-time high, and my depression was at its lowest. I felt crippled with anxiety in fear for the day my secret and real life would eventually collide. 

When I couldn’t find the support I was looking for, I created it.

I quickly realized alcohol was positioned as a solution to manage the complex parts of motherhood. After all,

when our kids whine, we wine!


A few years into my sobriety journey, I felt a calling to support moms navigating a sober lifestyle in a world that encourages excessive drinking.

I left corporate after 20 years with nothing more than a laptop and a mission to normalize sobriety in our boozy culture.

I am proud to have created Recovery is the New Black, a digital community that touches thousands.

That was the beginning of Recovery is the New Black.