Michelle Smith has been featured in numerous national and local media outlets and many podcasts. Additional press and media coverage is available upon request.  

Michelle Smith helps women STOP drinking and START living.

Michelle Smith is a mom, bestselling author, keynote speaker, recovery coach, and the founder of Recovery is the New Black, a digital community for women living or exploring an alcohol-free life. Michelle struggled for years with alcohol addiction that looked like “overdoing it.” In reality, she was drinking to escape the stresses of life ― and the “mommy juice” drinking culture was helping her self-destruct. Since getting sober in 2016, she has integrated both her personal and professional experience toward normalizing sobriety in our boozy culture.

Michelle’s work has been featured on The Today Show, TEDx, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Recovery Today Magazine, Alkermes, KTLA, NBC, ABC, and more. Michelle lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family and adorable dog.

Michelle Smith helps women break free from alcohol and reclaim their lives.

Michelle was highly recommended, and now I know why. Her unique ability to blend professionalism with genuine care sets her apart as an exceptional sober coach.

- Elizabeth


"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"

Made six figures:



Michelle Smith talks candidly about the boozy culture we find ourselves in as she takes a public stance towards normalizing sobriety. Looking through the lens of her life she shares her personal story with alcohol use disorder as well as her perspective as a professional. 

TEDx: Drinking Culture Undistilled

The BeWell Network - Dr. Ted Bender

New Spirit  Recovery

Michelle speaks on her long term sobriety journey from how it started to how it is currently going. Her unique approach from life experience as a woman in recovery to her clinical background sheds light on how recovery is possible for everyone.

Michelle Smith author of "Living Sober, Living Free: A Guided Journal for Women Who Want to Stop Drinking" speaks on BeWell about her recovery journey, advocacy, and successful book.

From rock bottom to recovery superstar, Dona Speir Recovery Today Correspondent interviews Michelle Smith, founder of Recovery is the New Black. 

Recovery Today Magazine

Recovery Happy Hour celebrates inspiring stories of recovery from alcohol addiction and gray area alcohol abuse.  Hosted by Tricia Lewis, we look at life beyond the bottle and what's current in the culture of recovery and sobriety.

The Science of Journaling
in Recovery.



Michelle Smith, the Founder of Recovery is the New Black is talking about the importance of creating a daily self-check-in plan to manage your emotions, focus, and well-being. Michelle will guide you through simple daily activities to help you stay alcohol-free, and create a daily journaling practice to make yourself a priority. 

A Daily Plan to Support Your Alcohol-Free Lifestyle. 


to 50 and beyond

Do you feel a pull to have a drink throughout the day when things get hard? Are the majority of your social events with other moms centered around drinking? Mommy wine culture has been made into a lighthearted merchandisable topic that can have serious consequences for those who find themselves trapped in it. While it may be fun and lighthearted for some, for others it can quickly grow into a hidden problem with lasting impacts. Michelle Smith is here to share her relationship with alcohol and help us unpack mommy wine culture.

Exploring Mommy Wine Culture.






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